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We develop simple, uniquely tailored, software solutions for you

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We are a small company with great experience in developing, implementing and maintaining customized IT Solutions.

Different Way of Working

The way we work ensures:
- we see individuals, not corporation
- we work with you, not for you

We Make IT for Individuals

The truth is, companies don't use apps, but people do. So, we'll develop an app that works for individuals in your company.
Refreshing, isn't it?

Size Does Matter

We're small and we like it that way. It gives us the change agility when needed, ability to deliver projects quickly, and we can dedicate particular attention to your assignment.

At Your Service

Custom Software Solutions

We believe that every company is unique, so software solutions for every company needs should be unique, too.
It is really rare when "One fits all" is true.

Simple Design

"Simplicity does not mean want or poverty. It does not mean the absence of any decor, or absolute nudity. It only means that the decor should belong intimately to the design proper, and that anything foreign to it should be taken away."
Paul Jacques Grillo


Every software solution made by Abaconn, is fully supported during three months after implementation.
It is up to you to extend support period ... but we strongly recommend it.

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